Due to the appearance of EHV-1 in the Southern Nevada area, the Nevada Department of Agriculture has issued a statement calling for the cancellation or postponemet of all equine events for the next 10 days. The South Point Equestrian center, acting out of an abundance of precaution has cancelled our event and may have to suspend further events. We haved decided to move our Finals to the AVI HOTEL AND CASINO AND THE MOJAVE CROSSING EVENTS CENTER. We will still be giving away the ADDED MONEY, AWESOME PRIZE LINE, and OUR YEAR END PRIZES.  The awards are here and look great, the fresh mexican steers are ready to ship! Please come and have a fun time at another fantastic venue! We will have the GROUP CODE for the rooms by the morning of  MARCH 19TH.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORT! We have strived to put on fun events for all levels of penners and sorters and will continue to do so!  The South Point has also graciously donated 3 vacation packages for us to give away! If you should have any problems cancelling your rooms at the South Point please let us know because they are offering full refunds to those affected by this cancellation. We will offer refunds on deposits and stalls to those who do not wish to attend.


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